Installer Resources - Woodstove Change-Out

Important Update: The Woodstove Change-Out Program will not be running in 2020.


Become a Participating Stove Professional

Each newly participating stove professional must submit a signed stove professional agreement verifying that he or she will abide by the terms and conditions of the program to (all 2018 stove professionals are considered to be participating for 2019).


Additional Information for Stove Professionals

Program Manual (2019 version) - Detailed explanation of program background, incentives, processes, requirements, and terms and conditions.

Qualified Equipment List (2019 version) - List of all qualifying new stoves and associated rebate levels

Updated Award Management Manual – Documentation about how to use the application portal

Webinar on talking about Income Incentives-  Short video on how to best talk to customers about the income based rebate adder available through this program. This video is made for Air Source Heat Pump installers, but most of the information is applicable to this program as well. 

Sample Application Documents- Sample documents to reference when filling out applications


Information for Customers

Customer Fact Sheet -- One-page fact sheet to explain rebate levels and program requirements to customers

Pellet best practices – Best practices for stove maintenance and wood burning

Burn Wise Best Burn Practices – Best practices for stove maintenance and pellet buying

How to Guide for Buying a Stove from Another Dealer - How to buy your stove from an unregistered retailer and still be eligible for our program



Will the Woodstove Change-Out Program run again in 2021?

  • As of right now, we cannot guarantee that the Woodstove Change-Out Program will be renewed for another round in 2021. Please check back with us in January or February 2021 to determine if the program will run again.

If the Woodstove Change-Out Program does run again in 2021, are the current published program documents accurate?

  • The program documents that are currently published online are the 2019 program documents, and they are subject to change should the program be renewed.


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