Previous awards made under this program aimed to incentivize the adoption of innovative, energy-saving technologies at publicly-owned Wastewater Treatment Districts and/or Authorities.

This program is currently CLOSED.

Applicant Teams must include two or more entities comprised of at least one publically owned wastewater treatment district or authority and at least one innovative water technology provider, that jointly propose meaningful pilots of commercially available (or near-commercial) innovative technologies.

Successful Applicant Teams will propose projects that most importantly increase energy efficiency at WWT districts or authorities. Secondary factors for consideration include technologies that may also recover and reuse valuable resources such as heat, energy, carbon, nutrients, and/or remediate nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater effluent.

This program is currently CLOSED.

The first round of the WWT Pilot Program was launched in July 2016 and funded a total of five project proposals. This program has now made a total of 15 awards and impacted 45 entities, through a combination of public and private partners. The Program is designed to promote advancements in the municipal water innovation sector in the Commonwealth. 

Watch the Wastewater Treatment Pilot Program Project – Haverhill/Hull/Aquasight Webinar