Successful Women - FAQ


1. If a trainer chose to train 20, is it required to be 2 cohorts of 10?

If a Training Provider takes on 20 trainees, you are not required to train them in 2 separate cohorts of 10 individuals each. The Training Provider could choose to take on 20 and then decide to train them all at once if they would like, which may be the more cost-effective approach.


2. Clarification of the of fellowship duration: Page 2 mentions a 6-month fellowship and page 3 mentions a 90-day fellowship. Which is correct?

The fellowship will run for six months, but in order for the Training Provider to achieve their performance goal the trainee must stay in their fellowship for 90 days to meet this metric.


3. For this RFP, there is no set amount for client assistance. Can we set the amount?​

Client assistance is synonymous with case management. Yes, please set the relevant amount in your proposal.


4. What is the pre-purchased curriculum? This would be helpful in structuring the elements and duration of the training. ​

Please leave open approximately 20 hours for the required curriculum. MassCEC will inform grantees at a later time on the details of the pre-purchased curriculum.