DeployMass - Program Background

Program Background

DeployMass was launched in 2014 in response to the barriers and challenges facing both public entities and innovative cleantech and water innovation companies in working together to save the Commonwealth energy and public dollars. Through the program, MassCEC works with these companies to identify customers, navigate procurement barriers and provide technical and financial assistance in connecting their technologies with public entities.  MassCEC is committed to providing one or more of the following forms of support to awardees:

  1. MassCEC will act as a liaison and connector between the company and one or multiple potential customers that are well-suited to procure the selected company’s product or technology
  2. MassCEC will act as a connector with state partners and procurement agencies
  3. MassCEC will provide a grant to buy down the cost of the awardee’s product, contingent upon a public entity’s agreement to purchase the applicant’s product
  4. Varying technical assistance as needed by the selected company

By connecting Massachusetts-based clean energy and water technology companies to customers in the public sector, MassCEC hopes to help public entities save taxpayer money by driving down energy use and costs.