Community Microgrids Program - Program Background

Program Background

In accordance with the 2014 order issued by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, requiring public utilities in Massachusetts to develop 10-year grid modernization plans, MassCEC is exploring microgrid technology as one of a number of possible components of grid modernization, which has the opportunity to deliver unique benefits to Massachusetts communities.

MassCEC seeks to catalyze the development of community microgrids throughout Massachusetts to reduce customer energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and increase resiliency of critical facilities and infrastructure.

The current solicitations under the MassCEC Community Microgrid Program, for expressions of interest from community microgrid team members and for requests for proposals from entities interested in serving as technical consultants, represent the Commonwealth’s first major investments in microgrid technology, and seek to explore benefits that microgrids can offer to Massachusetts ratepayers.

Pending the results of the assessments funded through the current Community Microgrid Program solicitations, MassCEC anticipates that further funding for project implementation may be available.