Clean Energy Internship Program (Employers) - How Do I Apply?

How Do I Apply?

Student enrollment and internship placements for the fall 2017 session of the MassCEC Internship Program is currently open! 

Approved employers can access the student database using their existing login credentials. If you are a new employer or need to renew your application, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Complete the online employer application. All approved employers are eligible to participate in the program for a full year from the date of their application submission. 

Step 2: Once your company has been approved for the program, you can access the student database to review candidates during a session’s enrollment window. Select candidates from the student database and submit their names to MassCEC for the required eligibility check. MassCEC will respond to let you know whether or not the student is eligible to participate.

Step 3: If your candidates are eligible to participate, have them sign an offer letter. You must submit these signed offer letters to MassCEC no later than the session’s deadline in order to have your funding reserved. Funding is reserved on a first-come first-served basis until funding has been fully allocated or we have reached the submission offer letter submission deadline.

Step 4: Sign and return your award letter and submit your reimbursement package.