Clean Energy Activity Day - FAQ


Q: Can multiple schools within the same district participate?

A: Yes, multiple schools from the same area or district can participate.


Q: Is profiling one type of clean energy during the activity day preferred?

A: No specific clean energy technology is preferred over any other, and you are able to highlight more than one if you wish.


Q: Will MassCEC be available to help consult on how to successfully hold the event?

A: Yes, MassCEC will be able to help provide guidance to successful grantees.


Q: Can we recruit other teachers from other schools to work on a Saturday for track 2?

A: Yes, as long as they are comfortable with that arrangement.


Q: Is there a maximum student number we can include for the event?

A: There is no maximum to how many students may participate.


Q: What would be a good example of a prize to give away to students during the event?

A: Smaller gifts, such as gift cards, would be good prizes for students.


Q: Are there external institutions we should partner with on this event or be aware of?

A: Applicants are free to reach out to institutions to partner on this event, such as the Boston Children’s Museum, for example.


Q: Can the program be held in the later afternoon after school hours?

A: Yes, this event could be held outside of normal school hours.


Q: Are electric cars and energy efficiency acceptable topics for the activity day?

A: Both would be acceptable topics for the clean energy day.


Q: Does the "clean energy business" need to be from Massachusetts? 

A: The business does not need to be from Massachusetts originally, but the company must be registered to do business in Massachusetts and have an active presence (office, etc.) in the state.


Q: The RFP states "at least two speakers from a clean energy business." Related to that, can the speakers be from the same business? I am guessing that they can speak as a team, rather than giving two different presentations, is that correct?

A: This would be two separate presentations from two separate clean energy businesses given to students on the same day at different times. The presentations could be given back-to-back.


Q: Can the clean energy focus be energy efficiency?

A: Yes, this would qualify as clean energy/cleantech.


Q: Can the clean energy focus be electric vehicles?

A: Yes, this would qualify as clean energy/cleantech.


Q: Can the clean energy focus be storage solutions?

A: Yes, this would qualify as clean energy/cleantech.


Q: Is it possible for two schools to apply together?

A: Multiple schools may participate from the same district, but each must submit an individual application in order to be considered.


Q: Is there a limit to how many schools can apply together? For instance, could six elementary schools within the same district apply together?

A: There is no limit to the number of schools per district that can apply, but they will each need to submit a separate application. Significant overlap in the narrative would be allowed across applications, however, each school must describe its own unique case and circumstances in applying for the grant.


Q: Could the event be set up so that 300 students visit the event for one hour each, rather than 100 students for the full three hours? 

A: At least 100 students would need to attend the session for 3 hours.


Q: One scenario would be for a school district to offer an event to six schools with the goal of drawing six teachers who would sign up to attend with their students (approximately 150 students) from those six schools. This is imagined as a single event, not six different events across six different schools. Could this be submitted as a single application?

A: The grantee may submit this proposal in their submission, however, MassCEC reserves the right to evaluate the individual merits of an application to determine if a proposal aligns with the goals of the program and is also logistically feasible.