Income-Based Rebate Adders

MassCEC offers income-based rebate adders to increase access to clean heating and cooling technologies for all eligible households in Massachusetts. 

These adders are offered for each of the five Clean Heating and Cooling rebate programs: 

Please refer to the relevant program manual for specific income-based rebate adder incentive values for each technology. 

Eligibility Thresholds for Income-Based Rebate Adder

Each of the clean heating and cooling rebate programs offers two tiers of income-based rebate adders. The first is for households that are at or below 80 percent of the state median income, and the second is for households at or below 120 percent of state median income. Eligibility and tier type for the income-based rebate adders is based on income and household size. Please refer to the table below to assess your eligibility. First, find your household size. Then, check the income threshold listed next to it. Note, income-based rebate adders for households at or below the 80 percent of the state median income may have additional eligibility restrictions based on the household's current heating fuel type. See the applicable program manual for specific restrictions based on current heating fuel.

 Income-Based Rebate Adder Thresholds by Household Size

Household Size

80% of State Median Income

120% of State Median Income


$    52,140.00 $    78,210.00


 $    68,183.00

 $    102,274.00


 $    84,225.00

 $  126,338.00


 $   100,268.00

 $  150,402.00


 $  116,311.00

 $  174,466.00


 $  132,353.00

 $  198,530.00


 $  135,361.00

 $  203,042.00


 $  138,369.00

 $  207,554.00


 $  141,377.00

 $  212,066.00


 $  144,385.00

 $  216,578.00


 $  147,393.00

 $  221,090.00


 $  150,403.00

 $  225,604.00


 $  153,411.00

 $  230,116.00


 $  156,419.00

 $  234,628.00


 $  159,427.00

 $  239,140.00


 $  162,435.00

 $  243,652.00


 $  168,880.00

 $  253,320.00


​How To Verify Your Income
All Income-Based Rebate Adder applicants must verify their income, which can be completed by completing one (1) of the following options: 

1. Provide an electric bill with a low-income rate code. This bill must be from within the last 6 months and show a low-income rate code, which is typically denoted by an R2 or R4. See sample electric bill

2. Provide a Fuel Assistance Letter. This letter must be from within one year, and show the letter's date, system owner’s name, and project site address. To find out more about Massachusetts’ fuel assistance program please visit See sample Fuel Assistance Letter

3. Submit an application through MassCEC's income verification portal. Applicants can also choose to verify their income through MassCEC’s secure income verification portal at Income verification should be done by the homeowner and income information should not be shared with the installer or with MassCEC. MassCEC will not see the documents you provide and only receives an email through the system stating whether an application has been approved.  

4. Mass Save Income Verification Screening: Provide MassCEC with a copy of a letter demonstrating that the System Owner has participated in the income verification screening process for the Mass Save Home Energy Services Program and is eligible for enhanced incentives or the Income Eligible Program. See sample verficiation letter