Ground Source Heat Pumps - FAQ


How much will my rebate be?

Homeowners are eligible for a base rebate of up to $12,500, depending on system size and efficiency. Residents qualifying for the Income-Based Rebate Adder can qualify for an award of up to $20,000. More detail can be found in section 3 of the Program Manual. 

Are more efficient heat pumps more expensive?

Although higher-efficiency heat pumps can be more expensive, MassCEC’s rebate is structured to compensate homeowners for this extra cost through adders that can range up to $5,000 per system.

Why isn’t everyone in Massachusetts eligible for this rebate program?

Projects receiving rebates through MassCEC must be located in a utility territory that contributes funding to the Renewable Energy Trust (RET), which includes communities served by investor owned electric utility companies or a partcipating municipal light plant. 

What is an MLP and where are they?

MLP stands for “municipal light plant” and refers to communities who are serviced by a publicly owned local utility instead of an investor-owned electric company, such as National Grid or Eversource. Some of these MLP communities contribute to RET, which is the original source of our funding for rebates. We are unable to provide rebates to MLP communities that do not contribute to the RET.