Finding a Residential Air-Source Heat Pump Installer

Participating Whole-Home Pilot Installers

The list of participating installers can be found below. For more details about the technology that our participating installers work with, please refer to this Participating Installers List.

County Installer Company Phone Number
Barnstable Julius Prizgintas (508) 479-0187
Barstable Murphy Services Inc.  (508) 760-1601
Barnstable Rusty's Inc.  (508) 775-1303
Barnstable Seaside Gas Service, Inc. (508) 771-2768
Bristol Ace Energy Services, Inc. (978) 992-1439
Essex Ace Energy Services, Inc.  (978) 992-1439
Essex Correct Temp Inc.  (978) 688-8700
Essex ReVision Energy Inc. (978) 308-9041
Franklin Casey Bashaw Plumbing and Heating (978) 895-0214
Hampshire M.J. Moran, Inc. (413) 268-7251
Middlesex Denommee Plumbing & Heating, Inc. (978) 649-8886
Middlesex Dodge Cooling & Heating (978) 250-4064
Middlesex Net Zero Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC (888) 306-3893
Plymouth Casey HVAC Inc (508) 580-7753
Plymouth Mann Heating & Air Conditioning (508) 947-7065
Suffolk Mass Mini-Splits (617) 922-9609
Worcester NV Heating and Air Conditioning LLC (508) 344-0866


Suggestions for Finding a Residential Air-Source Heat Pump Installer

Before hiring an installer for your air-source heat pump system, it’s important to ensure they have the necessary skills and expertise to help you find and install the best product for your specific site. Consider getting multiple quotes for your project. Below are some questions you may want to ask an installer that you are considering working with.


  1. Can you provide references from previous customers with similar systems?
  2. Have you participated in manufacturer training for the systems you would install?


  1. Do you install systems that qualify for Mass Save rebates? (If applicable to your project)
  2. If so, are you willing to complete the application process for me?

Installation Process

  1. When would you be able to perform the installation and how long will it take to complete?
  2. Will you hire subcontractors to complete portions of the project? If so, what firms and what will they do?
  3. Will you provide training for me on how to properly operate and maintain the system?
  4. Do you provide a warranty for the systems you install?


Compare your quotes to average prices in your area with MassCEC's residential cost data. Remember that your home may have specific features that make it more or less expensive than the average price. 


Participating Commercial VRF Designers and Installers

To find VRF designers and installers that participate in MassCEC's VRF rebate program, please see Finding a Commercial Designer and Installer.