InNOVAte 2019 Challenge: Final Showcase

Event Time: 
Thursday, October 24, 2019 - 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Event Location: 
Greentown Labs`
444 Somerville Avenue
Somerville , MA 02143

Join us on October 24 to celebrate the successful conclusion of the Greentown Labs and Saint-Gobain inNOVAte 2019 Challenge!

The Greentown Labs inNOVAte 2019 Challenge is a six-month accelerator program housed at Greentown Labs, the largest cleantech incubator in the United States. The program is focused on connecting entrepreneurs with mentors, team members, and business and technical resources they need to launch successful ventures, and features support and collaboration from CertainTeed and NOVASaint-Gobain’s external ventures arm.

At this event attendees will:

  • Learn more about Saint-Gobain’s Innovation Areas and the inNOVAte 2019 Challenge

  • Listen to pitches from the startups that participated in the inNOVAte 2019 Challenge

  • Network with cleantech entrepreneurs, investors, students, and friends of cleantech


This year's participants:

  • Inovues: Inovues offers building owners a cost-effective and non-disruptive solution to upgrade the windows and curtain-walls, whether to bring them up to energy code levels and comply with building efficiency laws or to incorporate the latest energy-efficient and smart glass/glazing technologies. Inovues Glazing Shields, which can be securely mounted on the original glass from the interior or exterior, can increase window insulation by up to 10 times and reduce energy consumption and peak heating and cooling loads by up to 40%.

  • Hyperframe: Hyperframe is a steel framing system for commercial buildings, designed to slash labor costs by 75%. Framing components are made to order, bundled by room, flat-packed, and shipped to the job site. Final assembly occurs onsite, where every connection is snap-fit.

  • Pre Framing Corp: Pre Framing is an innovative, partially prefabricated solution that allows homebuilders, general contractors, and framers to build standard and gable walls 10 times faster than traditional methods do—with less waste and more precision. Our revolutionary software and hardware solution empowers you to get more work done—making your projects run smoother, faster and stress-free. Ultimately, this equates to more clients and increased profit.

  • Techstyle Materials: Research inspired by the transpiration processes of plants led to the invention of a multi-functional material technology. A millimeter-thin material layer can be applied at the factory to common building products such as drywall, sheathing, and roofing, to transform them into “smart” materials that respond to their environment and automatically manage flows of heat and water. They also simplify construction and reduce labor costs by taking the place of multiple layers in a wall assembly.


Check out the inNOVAte 2019 Challenge Landing Page for more information on this accelerator.

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