DeployMass - Commercially-Ready Technologies List

As part of the DeployMass program, MassCEC is working with an independent third-party technical consultant to determine the technology readiness level (TRL) of companies looking to participate in the program. Find program application here

This list represents the products and technologies that have been deemed to be ready for the commercial market with limited functional risk.

Companies looking to have their products and technologies added to the list should consult the program's application.

More information on companies on the commercially-ready technologies list:

DeployMass Commercially Ready Technologies List



Tech Type

Good for…

 Grant Funds Available

Tessolar Tesserack-Z Solar PV Mounting System Rooftop solar PV, ground mounted systems Yes

AirMotion Sciences

24’ Big Smart MPT HVLS Fan

Air circulation, ventilation

Warehouses, vehicle maintenance hangars, athletic and aviation facilities


Building Envelope Materials

Micro-Injection Foam

Energy efficiency - insulation retrofit

Brick and mortar veneer, affordable housing, government buildings or offices



Embue Automation

Energy efficiency - building energy automation

Large apartment complexes, university dormitories, affordable housing



HLR HVAC Load Reduction System

Energy efficiency - HVAC

Government buildings or offices, educational facilities



Solar panels atop aboveground water storage tanks

Thin-film solar PV

Aboveground water storage tanks


Solar One

Networked solar powered lighting systems

Energy efficiency - lighting, small energy storage

Multi-use paths, municipalities, green space


Nature and People First

Community Scale Shared Pumped Hydro Storage

Energy storage, hybrid water applications

Cities / Communities with topographical variation


Virtual condition assessment for water pipes (failure predictions)

 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (software based)

Water utilities, municipal water utilities



Free Standing Water Dispenser

Energy efficiency – efficient / alternative transport

Government buildings or offices, educational facilities

Program Alum


QPAC demand management service

Energy efficiency – demand management

Facilities with DDC systems or enrolled in demand response programs

Program Alum

First Fuel

First Advisor and Fist Engage

Energy Efficiency - software

Government buildings or offices, regulated utilities, municipalities

Program Alum

Powerhouse Dynamics

Site Sage (Remote Energy Monitoring and System Control)

Energy efficiency - energy management

Government buildings or offices, municipalities, hospitals

Program Alum

Cool Green Power

COOLNOMIX Refrigeration and Air Control Unit

Energy efficiency – cooling

Government buildings or offices, data centers

Program Alum

Phoenix Revolution

Ocean & Lake Pure Water System (OLPWS)

Waste water treatment

Municipalities, commercial entities, agriculture

Program Alum

XL Hybrids

XLP plug-in hybrid electric system and XLH hybrid electric system

Efficient/Alternative Transportation

Municipal fleets

Program Alum