Cost of Residential Air-Source Heat Pumps

The cost of installing an air-source heat pump (ASHP), also called mini-split, in your home will vary significantly based on the specifics of your project, including the kind of equipment you select, the layout of your home, and whether any electrical upgrades are required. As a result, MassCEC cannot say what a “good” price is for your air-source heat pump. However, we can help you see what others are paying for air-source heat pumps projects around the Commonwealth.

The cost data is presented based on the heating capacity of the equipment (measured at a 5° Fahrenheit outdoor temperature) to make comparing equipment of differently-sized easier. This is listed as Cost ($) per Ton, which is equivalent to Cost ($) per 12,000 British Thermal Units per hour (BTU/hr).

Air source heat pump systems include single-head, multi-head, and central ASHP systems. A single-head ASHP system has one outdoor compressor unit connected to a single indoor conditioning unit. Central ASHP systems condition air at a central location and distribute it throughout the building utilizing a distribution system. Multi-head ASHP systems have one outdoor compressor unit connected to multiple indoor conditioning units.

The data below comes from residential heat pump projects that received a rebate from MassCEC between November 2014 and March 2019. While the rebate program has ended, the data will remain available on this page to provide a reference for cost distribution in Massachusetts.

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Considerations When Using MassCEC's Heat Pump Cost Data

  • MassCEC's rebate data shows heat pump costs increasing each year. This data only goes through the first part of 2019. MassCEC suggests filtering by the most recent years to get more representative data, but we expect that even cost data from 2018-2019 may not reflect today's market prices. 
  • As explained above, this data is presented in cost ($) per ton based on the heating capacity of the equipment (measured at a 5° Fahrenheit outdoor temperature) as a way to compare differently sized equipment, but heat pump costs do not always scale linearly based on capacity. The cost per single-head unit may be a more relatable metric; in 2018-2019, the average cost of a single-head heat pump in this data set was $5,140. 
  • Costs vary significantly by region. For example, the average 2018-2019 cost for a single-head heat pump in Suffolk County was $6,474 and the average cost in Berkshire County was $4,115. MassCEC suggests filtering by your county or zip code to get more representative data.