Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out - Who's Eligible?

Who's Eligible?

Homeowners are eligible for the standard rebate if:

  • Their old woodstove is currently operational, non-EPA certified, and located in a residential building.
  • The stove they plan to purchase is EPA-certified and meets Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program emissions requirements for new stoves.

Homeowners are eligible for a low-income rebate if:

  • They meet all requirements for the standard rebate and their annual household income falls below 80 percent of the Massachusetts state median income level, as detailed below.

Household Size

80% of State Median Income















Before applying for the low-income rebate, homeowners must demonstrate their eligibility in one of the following ways:

  • Verify that their annual income meets program requirements using a third-party service, free of charge, available through MassCEC’s income verification portal prior to August 19, 2017; or
  • Provide a copy of their current fuel assistance letter; or
  • Provide an electric bill issued within the last six months showing they receive a discounted utility rate.

Only residents earning less than 60 percent of state median income are eligible for fuel assistance or discounted electricity rates. Therefore, customers earning between 60 percent and 80 percent of the state median must apply through MassCEC’s income verification portal.

Homeowners are not eligible for the program if:

  • They are not replacing an existing operational woodstove or fireplace insert.
  • Their existing woodstove or fireplace insert is EPA-certified. Only non-EPA certified stoves are eligible for replacement under the Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program.
  • They wish to replace an existing pellet stove. Existing pellet stoves are not eligible for replacement under the Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program.
  • Homeowners who are not eligible to participate in the Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program may be eligible for rebates for other clean heating and cooling technologies.