The Organics-to-Energy program is closed until further notice.  Please check the “Program Background” tab below for completed studies and the “Small Scale Organics-to-Energy Vendor Directory” (2013).

Organics-to-energy technologies are those that take certain types of waste – including organic materials such as food, animal or yard waste, and convert it to electricity or heat. Some organics-to-energy systems also produce valuable compost or liquid fertilizer as byproducts.

Projects must be located within the service territory of the electric distribution companies that pay into the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust Fund, which is administered by MassCEC.

Funding is available to both public and private entities for Implementation and Pilot Projects and for Feasibility Studies, and to public entities for Technical Studies/Services.

Implementation and Pilot Projects -

The Commonwealth Organics-to-Energy Implementation and Pilot Project Solicitation is now closed.

Applicants for Implementation and Pilot Project grants should download the following forms and reference materials:

Implementation and Pilot Project Solicitation (Read first)

  • Appendix 1: Minimum Technical Requirements
  • Appendix 2a: Implementation Project Deliverables
  • Appendix 2b: Pilot Project Deliverables
  • Appendix 3: Sample Grant Agreement
  • Appendix 4: Authorized Applicant's Signature
  • Appendix 5: Application Form
  • Appendix 6: Budget Form


Feasibility Studies -

The Commonwealth Organics-to-Energy Feasibility Study Solicitation is now closed.

Applicants for Feasibility Study grants should download the following forms and reference materials:

Feasibility Solicitation (Read first)

  • Appendix 1: Sample Grant Agreement
  • Appendix 2: Authorized Applicant's Signature
  • Appendix 3: Feasibility Application
  • Appendix 4: Contract Budget Form


Technical Services/Technical Studies - 

The Commonwealth Organics-to-Energy Technical Services/Technical Studies Solicitation is now closed. Applicants for grants for Technical Services or Technical Studies should download the following documents and forms:

Technical Services/Technical Studies Solicitation (Read first)

  • Appendix 1 :Sample Technical Services Grant Agreement
  • Appendix 2: Application Materials
  • Appendix 3: Authorized Applicant’s Signature and Acceptance Statement
  • Appendix 4: Budget Form

Created in September 2011, Commonwealth Organics-to-Energy supports the development of facilities that convert source-separated organic materials and sewage sludge into heat, electricity and/or compressed natural gas.

To view selected studies supported by the program, please see Completed Studies.

For more information about small organics-to-energy systems that are commercially available in the United States, see our Small-Scale Organics-to-Energy Vendor Directory.

Ian Campbell

Commonwealth Organics-to-Energy