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May 23, 2022

Building a Diverse Trades Work Force for the Offshore Wind Industry

One of the major benefits of the emerging offshore wind energy industry in Massachusetts is that it will generate career opportunities for Cape Cod and South Coast residents. While the exact number of jobs within the burgeoning industry vary, they can generally be subcategorized as follows:  ... READ THE FULL POST

Dr. Yashwant Sinha

May 23, 2022

Meeting the Challenges of Workforce Training for the Offshore Wind Turbines Industry: Pathways for multidisciplinary training

  The global installed capacity of offshore wind now exceeds 37 GW and by 2050, this capacity is expected to exceed 500 GW. During the last decade, the Offshore Wind Turbines (OWT) industry witnessed many successes including installation of floating wind turbines, improved efficiency and capacity... READ THE FULL POST

May 18, 2022

Resiliency Toolkit

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center launched the Clean Energy and Resiliency (CLEAR) Program to support community efforts to use renewable energy for resiliency during electric grid outages. As a first step, such projects typically require a... READ THE FULL POST

May 02, 2022

MassCEC Will Seek Homeowners to Receive Complimentary Home Decarbonization Services

Amid a worsening climate crisis and Massachusetts’ 2050 net zero emissions target quickly approaching, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from existing buildings must be an urgent priority both at MassCEC and across the Commonwealth. Massachusetts’ 2.5 million buildings currently make up 27% of the... READ THE FULL POST

January 25, 2022

Student Perspectives On Clean Energy Internships and Careers

Throughout the summer of 2021, MassCEC ran a highly successful outreach and engagement pilot program that was an expansion of the Clean Energy Internship Program. This pilot program was targeted at diversifying the clean energy job sector and expanding career pathways for students of color. For... READ THE FULL POST

January 24, 2022

Pilot Diversity Program Offers Unique Opportunities for Interns of Color

One of MassCEC’s extraordinarily successful flagship programs is the Clean Energy Internship Program, which facilitates the placement of Massachusetts 4-year and 2-year college and certification program students into paid internships at clean energy companies. The program has placed upwards of 4,... READ THE FULL POST

December 08, 2021

UMass Amherst Meets Offshore Wind Industry Workforce Diversity Challenge with Access Grant Scholarship

The U.S. offshore wind (OSW) industry is beginning a rapid rise to meet the next generation’s need for clean, secure, and affordable energy. As the domestic supply chain gains its footing, the urgent demand for a skilled workforce has driven several New England states to examine the industry’s... READ THE FULL POST

December 08, 2021

Massachusetts Maritime Academy Trains More Than 120 Individuals To Work in Clean Energy Industry

The United States Department of Energy estimates... READ THE FULL POST

October 18, 2021

Mass Solar Loan: Expands Access to Solar PV and Supports Local Lenders in Making Clean Energy Loans

After five years of facilitating solar photovoltaic (PV) installations in Massachusetts (MA), the Mass Solar Loan (MSL) program closed to new applications in December 2020.   The program was designed as a kickstart to solar lending that would... READ THE FULL POST

October 03, 2021

MassCEC’s “Clean Energy Lives Here” Offers A New Take On Home Improvement

Did you know that half of all the owner-occupied homes in Massachusetts were built before 1962? Even if your home isn’t quite that old, energy-conscious solutions for insulating, heating, cooling, doing laundry, and cooking were most likely not a priority for your home’s builder or its prior owners... READ THE FULL POST