April 22, 2020

This Earth Day: Make your plan with Clean Energy Lives Here

Peter McPhee, Senior Program Director

On this 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is launching our Clean Energy Lives Here campaign. This campaign will address an issue fundamental to our ability to decarbonize our buildings: consumer education and planning. The Clean Energy Lives Here campaign will help inform and educate consumers about the benefits of low-carbon heating and weatherization and provide them the tools to understand the right solutions for their home.

As part of Clean Energy Lives Here, we'll be asking people to take a pledge to choose low-carbon systems and appliances for their homes when the time comes. We think that the best and most economical way to decarbonize our homes is to plan now so that, when a system is at the end of life or we undertake improvements to our home, we can make the changes that will make our homes efficient, comfortable, and lower carbon. That's why we've created the Clean Energy Ready Guide, which will help homeowners plan now for the steps they need to take in the future to decarbonize their buildings.

And all of this offers a great opportunity for industry. As we decarbonize our entire building stock over the next three decades, we'll be needing to electrify and make more efficient 3% of our buildings each year. In Massachusetts, that's approximately 100,000 buildings per year. For the many amazing companies working in this space, I believe this will be a great opportunity for new technologies, business models, and companies to take root.

We hope that you will join us in the Clean Energy Lives Here campaign. Take a look, make the pledge, and share it with your friends and colleagues. As we all face the great challenges of today, we each can have a plan to bring our individual homes into a sustainable future tomorrow. And with that, we can deliver a greater future for ourselves, together.