December 15, 2017

Solar Connect Success!

Elizabeth Youngblood, Senior Project Manager, Renewable Energy Generation

On November 30th, the 2017 Mass Solar Connect closed out a six month sign up period for members of three participating non-profit groups. As part of the program, members of the non-profits were able to receive competitive pricing for solar PV projects through an online installer bidding platform. On the platform, a subset of vetted solar PV installers provided competitive proposals to participating members. As part of the program, the non-profit Mass Energy partnered with the online platform EnergySage, while the non-profits Self Reliance, the Marion Institute and participants in their South Coast Energy Challenge partnered with the online bidding platform Pick My Solar. Through these two platforms, 62 residents signed contracts for solar PV, resulting in over half a megawatt of contracted capacity. The average price through the program was $3.28 per watt, which is 22% below the average installed price for small-scale solar projects in the state at the start of the program. By choosing to go solar, the 62 residents will collectively reduce carbon emissions equivalent to removing 45 cars off the road annually. Congratulations to all of the partners for a job well done!