February 02, 2017

MassCEC places 2,000th Intern

Andrew Chabot, Program Manager, Workforce Development 

While many were focusing on 2017, MassCEC was focusing on the number 2,000. As of yesterday, 2,000 interns have been placed in MassCEC’s award winning Clean Energy Internship Program!

From its humble beginnings in 2011 as a summer internship program placing around 120 interns, the internship program has since expanded to run year-round with three distinct sessions (spring, summer, and fall) and annually placing approximately 500 students from all majors into paid clean energy internships. Undergraduate and graduate students are both widely encouraged to apply!

Interested student applicants can go to their own dedicated webpage to learn more about the program and apply directly. Similarly, clean energy companies have their own employer page where they can apply to take advantage of this resource. Most of the host employers that participate in the program have fewer than 25 full time employees, illustrating just how useful this program is for smaller employers looking for an extra set of hands.

With continued high demand from employers and high particpation rates by students, MassCEC already has its eyes on celebtrating the next milestone - the 3,000th intern.