February 06, 2017

DeployMass Expo had something for everyone

Ana Melentijevic, Market Development Fellow

Last month in the MassCEC office, the DeployMass Expo was in full swing. With nine companies in attendance and over 50 public sector representatives, each individual in that room was looking for something different. The companies showcasing their technologies were looking for projects to undertake with public sector partners. Some of the public sector attendees were searching for innovative technologies to decrease their transportation emissions, others were looking for different water purification methods, while others still didn’t have any particular tech in mind but knew they wanted to make a change. There was something for everyone that day.

The DeployMass program supports Massachusetts clean energy and water technology companies seeking to expand their customer base to the public market by de-risking and incentivizing the deployment of those technologies by public entities through the pre-validation of the commercial readiness of the technology.

The program is two pronged: first, companies apply to be included on our Commercially Ready Technologies List, which is a stamp of our approval on a technology that may not yet be widely deployed. The next step is to provide funding support, buying down the cost of the product for a public sector customer. By completing a project with a public entity, the company gets valuable experience and credibility and the public sector gets greener energies they usually couldn’t get themselves.

Expos such as this one provide a valuable face to face interactions that are hard to facilitate alone. MassCEC wants to increase communication between these two sectors to advance clean technologies, especially through DeployMass. Together they can increase visibility for these groundbreaking technologies and help the Commonwealth keep making strides towards our sustainability goals.