January 06, 2017

Mass Solar Connect Hits 1 MW Milestone

Maya Gilchrist, Solar Incentive Program Fellow

Thanks to a total of 141 participants, MassCEC’s Mass Solar Connect pilot program has surpassed 1 Megawatt of contracted solar energy capacity. Education, outreach and community organizing have made this feat in solar adoption possible.

Group purchasing offers great benefits when it comes to going solar. Members of Mass Energy Consumers Alliance (Mass Energy) and its affiliated organizations have seen this firsthand: through Mass Solar Connect, participants are able to install small-scale solar electric systems for more than 30 percent below last year’s statewide average cost.

Mass Solar Connect is built on the same principles that govern Solarize Mass: as more people join together in purchasing solar electric systems, the price of all systems decreases. This benefits both community members and the solar installer that MassCEC and Mass Energy have competitively selected as their partner under the program.

So who is eligible to participate? Mass Energy members and Mass Energy’s network of allied non-profits, including: the Massachusetts Audubon Society, which advocates for nature conservation in Massachusetts, and Mothers Out Front, a movement of caregivers pushing policymakers towards a clean energy future.

Through unifying efforts like these, MassCEC and Mass Energy have made solar power more affordable and accessible, both of which are vital to the growth of the clean energy market. Similar outreach efforts will continue to make going solar easier than ever for people and communities,1 Megawatt at a time.

For more information or to sign up for a free site assessment, visit www.MassSolarConnect.org.