January 06, 2017

Save Up To $2,250 – Replace Your Woodstove Now

Sarah Braun, Renewable Thermal Programs Fellow

Improve air quality. Save money. Protect your health.

You can burn less wood and reduce emissions by 70 percent when you replace your non-EPA certified stove with a cleaner, more efficient model. And if you act now, MassCEC will help!

On April 10, MassCEC launched the 2015 Commonwealth Woodstove Change-Out Program. Any Massachusetts resident who currently operates a non-EPA certified woodstove can apply for an instant discount of up to $2,250 on a new wood or pellet stove. With over 450 stoves to choose from, this program has a stove for every customer.

You can apply for this discount through any participating stove retailer. Get started by contacting one of the retailers listed on the Woodstove Change-Out page. All you need is a copy of your electric bill and a few details about your old stove. The retailer will take care of the rest.

Customers who meet program requirements are guaranteed to receive an instant discount when they apply before the deadline of May 22. More information about the program, including a list of participating stove professionals, can be found at the Woodstove Change-Out page.

Find out if you qualify and contact a stove professional today. Then spend next winter enjoying your new low-cost, low-emissions stove!