October 30, 2015

Filling the Summer Jobs Gap

A recent article in the Boston Globe described the difficulties that teenagers and young adults face while searching for a summer job.

Massachusetts, like many other states, has been struggling with youth unemployment in the wake of the recession and has already been working to implement solutions that will help bolster this segment of the workforce.

This is a very real issue that deserves a dedicated response. Fortunately, there are options currently in place for those whom are seeking summer employment in the rapidly growing cleantech and renewable energy industry, which grew by an astounding 11.8 percent last year alone.

Recognizing that there is a significant gap between job seekers and employment, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has been working hard to provide assistance via internship placements at companies and non-profits statewide. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program places students year-round at paid internships so that they can work at clean sector companies and gain valuable experience in their field of study. Last year alone, MassCEC placed 184 interns into internships for its 2013 summer session across the entire state.

Enrollment is currently open for both students who meet the eligibility requirements and clean energy employers. Funding is provided on a rolling basis, so participants are urged to send in their materials as quickly as possible in order to secure their spot in the summer session, which began this week.

Massachusetts has been taking the necessary steps to provide opportunities to those in need. One of the biggest challenges now is to simply let people know that these opportunities exist…but you had better send in your application!