October 30, 2015

Green Gaming

As the Massachusetts Gaming Commission considers applicants for a limited number of casino licenses, sustainability and energy efficiency practices are an important factor in the decision.  With the invitation for large entertainment facilities to enter Massachusetts, an exciting new opportunity has been created for clean energy companies in the region to deploy and test their technologies.

MassCEC and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission took the initiative to create a networking event at Bentley University where the clean tech industry in Massachusetts had a great opportunity to link up with the potential entertainment facilities. A mix of clean energy, transportation, energy efficiency and water innovation companies presented the developers with a variety of technologies and services that could both improve facility operations and prove to be financially beneficial. 

The new market that this legislation has created will undoubtedly aid in the further development of clean technology as these large energy, resource, and water consuming facilities will be active testing grounds for entrepreneurs to expand their technologies. The connections created between these Massachusetts based clean energy companies and the entertainment facilities industry could also lead to business opportunities for Massachusetts clean energy companies on a national scale that would benefit all the parties involved.