October 30, 2015

InnovateMass Awardee Lands Deal With Coca-Cola

With the holiday season in full swing, many companies are at working at their peak – which can also mean a spike in their energy expenses. Fortunately, there are innovative Massachusetts clean energy companies that specialize in reducing business’ fuel and power costs.

One such company is Boston-based XL Hybrids. This video by Bloomberg TV shows how XL Hybrids retrofits commercial vans and trucks, often used for deliveries, with hybrid technology. By capturing the energy wasted in braking, their technology allows vehicles to decrease fuel use and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 20 percent on urban or suburban routes. The start-up has recently landed a deal with Coca-Cola, which according to a recent Boston Globe article will retrofit 100 of their service vans with the technology.

MassCEC is proud to be a supporter of XL Hybrids, which was one of seven teams awarded funding under the first InnovateMass funding round. The second round of InnovateMass is currently open for applications from companies with clean technology demonstration projects. I look forward to seeing what new energy challenges will be addressed in the next round.