October 30, 2015

Massachusetts Clean Energy Digest Weekly Roundup for Sept. 27

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Topping the clean energy news this week was:

  • The Wall Street Journal had widespread renewable energy coverage this week, with articles busting renewable energy myths, discussing the benefits of smart meters, and more. 
  • The Washington Post's WonkBlog covered the five things that need to happen before electric cars will become mainstream. 

  • Germany’s aggressive plan to generate the majority of the country’s energy needs from renewable sources is creating some unforeseen difficulties surrounding electricity usage. 

  • Four graduates of Tufts University’s School of Engineering are looking for start-up capital to begin producing their award-winning innovative showerheads that already have advanced orders from universities and hotel chains.

  • And the New England Appliance and Electronics Group in Franklin unveiled its new rooftop solar farm on its Grove Street warehouse. This installation is now the third largest solar farm in Massachusetts, and is expected to cut the company’s electrical costs by 20 percent.