October 30, 2015

An Innovative Tour of Energy-Positive Housing

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Boston’s first energy positive housing complex, located in the Highland Park section of Roxbury. We toured the first completed project of the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s E+ Green Building Program, which looks to create more energy-positive housing developments, those that produce more energy than they consume, in the city.

What made this tour even more special was that I was able to see an InnovateMass award-winner in action.

Coincident, a Boston-based clean energy company, has installed its energy-management systems in the housing units as part of the InnovateMass demonstration program. The company’s technology saves energy by automating heating and cooling by installing sensors to determine if a room is being used.

Coincident worked with Urbanica, Sage Builders, the Boston Redevelopment Authority and others to showcase their technology in these new housing units.

Each unit is an impressive display of all the energy efficient technologies available in Massachusetts. From energy-efficient cooling systems to the solar electricity systems on each roof, the three-floor townhouses are clear examples that sustainable, energy-positive development is possible in an urban environment.

I look forward to the continued success of Boston’s E+ program, as well as seeing what our other InnovateMass winners have in store for the future of clean energy technology here in Massachusetts.