July 27, 2013

MassCEC Employees in the News

It’s been a great few weeks for MassCEC employees! Two of our staff members were recently featured in major publications highlighting the exciting work underway here at MassCEC. Michael Murphy, our business development manager for water innovation, was profiled by The Boston Globe, while Program Manager Ben Dodge is featured in the July issue of Hearth & Home.

The Globe highlights MassCEC interest and commitment to clean water technologies, and discusses Michael’s role here. In the article, he talks about his water inspirations:

“I never had aspirations to be a ‘water dude.’ I grew up on lakes and springs and rivers [and] early on you realize that these things should be managed and protected.”

Ben was featured in a Hearth & Home story that focused on the popularity and success of the wood stove change-out program. The program highlights MassCEC’s interest in business and residential clean energy efforts.

Dodge expresses our continued interest, stating that “We’d love to do another wood stove change-out program.”

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