MassCEC offered rebates to homeowners who installed qualifying automated wood heating systems. This program is part of MassCEC’s Clean Heating and Cooling program, which supports technologies that provide customer cost-savings and environmental benefits while maintaining a high level of comfort and reliability. As of August 2020, MassCEC is no longer accepting applications for the Residential Automated Wood Heat Program. 

Installers should visit the Installer Resources page. 


Once your project has received an award letter from MassCEC, your installer can install your Automated Wood Heat System. Once the system is installed, you can submit your project completion documents and MassCEC will send out the rebate check. Installers typically submit completion documents on the homeowner's behalf. With each project completion, MassCEC asks for: 

  • Project Completion Form 
  • Photos of the installed system 
  • OHH Disposal Form (if receiving OHH Rebate Adder) 
  • Photos of Disposed OHH (if receiving OHH Rebate Adder) 
  • Electric Bill (If new construction) 

How do Automated Wood Heating Systems operate? 

Please visit our Learn About Automated Wood Heating page to learn about how Automated Wood Heating systems work.

How do I find a designer or installer for a Automated Wood Heating system?

Please visit our Automated Wood Heating Installers page for a list of installers who have worked with MassCEC in the past.

I finished construction on my project, how do I receive payment for my award? 

For grantees, once construction is complete, please submit your Project Completion Documents to Detailed instructions can be found under "How Do I Submit Completion Documents?"

Are there other incentives available for Automated Wood Heating systems? 

To find out about other incentives available for Automated Wood Heating systems, please visit our Learn About Automated Wood Heating page.

The Residential Central Wood Pellet Heating program is part of a suite of MassCEC Clean Heating and Cooling programs. 


Please click here to download the residential biomass projects database

For questions on the Residential Central Wood Pellet Heating Program, please contact us at or (617) 315-9300.