How much funding can my public agency or non-profit receive?

VRF systems are eligible for rebates up to $180,000, or up to $250,000 for projects at affordable housing developments.

Small-scale mini-split projects are eligible for rebates of up to $16,000, with higher incentives up to $30,000 for projects at affordable housing.

Commercial-scale mini-split systems are eligible for rebates of up to $120,000, or up to $225,000 for affordable housing projects.

More details can be found in Section 3 of the Residential and Small-Scale Program Manual and Commercial-Scale Program Manual.

Why isn’t everyone in Massachusetts eligible for MassCEC incentives?

Projects receiving rebates through MassCEC must be located in a utility territory that contributes funding to the Renewable Energy Trust (RET), which includes communities served by investor owned electric utility companies or a participating municipal lighting plant (MLP).

MLP stands for “municipal light plant” and refers to a publicly owned local utility instead of an investor-owned electric company, such as National Grid or Eversource. We are unable to provide rebates to MLP communities that do not contribute to the RET.

How many applications should I submit for a multifamily/multi-building project?

An individual building is typically considered a project. A project that includes multiple houses, commercial buildings, or some combination thereof, should submit one application but may request a waiver from MassCEC to apply as multiple projects (which affects grant limits). Waivers will be granted at MassCEC’s discretion.