The Whole-Home Air-Source Heat Pump Pilot has launched! This pilot is available to new construction homes and existing homes that are served by natural gas. More information about how to participate in the pilot is below. 

Whole-Home Air-Source Heat Pump Pilot Incentives
Income Categoy Incentive per Residence
>120% of state median income $2,500
80%-120% of state median income $3,750
<80% of state median income $5,000

Apply here for the Whole-Home Air-Source Heat Pump Pilot!

MassCEC is no longer accepting applications for our Residential and Small-Scale Air-Source Heat Pump Program. Air-source heat pump incentives are still available through Mass Save.

If you have any questions, please reach out to or call 617-315-9300.  

Whole-Home Air-Source Heat Pump Pilot Eligiblity Requirements

Key pilot program requirements are outlined below. For a full list of requirements see the Pilot Manual

  • The project site must be located in a utility territory that contributes to the Massachusetts Renewable Energy Trust.
  • The project site must be located in a residential facility with one to four units.
  • The air-source heat pump system must be sized to be capable of providing the sole source of heating in the home. Project sites may only include backup or supplemental heat from non-fossil fuel sources.
  • Existing building projects must be located at residences that currently heat with natural gas. 
  • New construction and gut renovation projects cannot have any fossil fuel equipment (including heating, domestic hot water, cooking, and dryer appliances) installed in the residence to be eligible.
  • This pilot is open to air-to-air or air-to-water, split system heat pumps, including variable-refrigerant flow (“VRF”) technologies.
  • MassCEC offers additional incentives for affordable housing developments and households with income below 80% and 120% of the state median income. More information about income verification can be found here.

Step 1. Ensure Project Meets Requirements and Primary Installer Meets Eligibility

The System Owner must select one of the participating Primary Installers. The System Owner and Primary Installer should read the program manual prior to submitting an application.

Step 2. Apply for Rebate

The application must be submitted by the Primary Installer through MassCEC’s online application form available at:

Step 3. Receive Award Approval

Applications will be evaluated to ensure that the project will meet the eligibility and project requirements. If the application meets all requirements, MassCEC will issue an award letter.

Step 4. Complete Project and Submit Project Completion Documentation

Once the participants have received the award letter, the project may be installed. Projects must be completed within six months of the award date for existing building projects and within twelve months for new construction projects.

Step 5. Receive Rebate

Rebates can be paid to the system owner or primary installer. Rebates will be paid within four weeks following MassCEC’s approval of the submitted project completion documentation.


For more details, please refer to the Pilot Manual.

Why is this pilot only available to existing homes served by natural gas?

  • The pilot is intended to be complementary to other available incentive programs in the Commonwealth, including Mass Save’s heat pump rebates, which offer generous incentives for oil, propanes, and electric resistance customers. As a result, MassCEC has chosen to focus on customers who are served by natural gas for this pilot.

What if my home does not use natural gas?

  • If your home uses a heating fuel other than natural gas, look into the Mass Save rebate programs offered for air-source heat pumps.

Is a gut renovation project eligible for this pilot?

  • Yes, gut renovation projects can be considered new construction projects under this program.

Is a business eligible for this pilot?

  • No, the Whole-Home Pilot is offered to residential projects in one to four unit residential buildings installing air-source heat pump equipment.

What utility territories contribute to the Renweable Energy Trust?


MassCEC has authorized $48 million in funding to support clean heating and cooling programs. As part of this initiative, MassCEC has allocated $500,000 to provides rebates for the installation of whole-home air-source heat pump systems through the Whole-Home Air-Source Heat Pump Pilot. The pilot will accept applications until the end of 2019 or until all allocated funding has been awarded.

In order to support the residents affected by the natural gas incident in Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover, MassCEC will reserve $100,000 for projects in those three municipalities through October 2019.  If the $100,000 Merrimack Valley Carve Out has not been awarded by the end of October 2019, MassCEC may release some or all of those funds for projects in other municipalities.


Available Whole-Home Air-Source Heat Pump Pilot Funding May 2019-December 2019

  Non-Merrimack Valley Merrimack Valley Carve Out All Funding
Available Budget $400,000.00 $100,000.00 $500,000.00
Committed Awards $10,000.00 $0.00 $10,000.00
Submitted Applications $12,500.00 $0.00 $12,500.00
Estimated Remaining Funding $377,500.00 $100,000.00 $477,500.00

Updated: 7/17/19

For questions please contact us at or call 617-315-9300.