Consulting Services – Offshore Wind Transmission Project RFP

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, working in close coordination with the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and other state agencies, seeks to assess, identify, and establish optimal locations and configurations for the transmission of renewable energy generated from offshore wind project in the Massachusetts Wind Energy Area and Rhode Island‐Massachusetts Wind Energy Areas. 
The two areas were identified by the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management  through a comprehensive planning and analysis process that began in 2009 and involved extensive coordination and input from federal, state, tribe, and local officials, as well as consultations with commercial and recreational fishermen and environmental groups.
With the potential for several offshore wind projects proceeding in the lease areas within the two areas, the Commonwealth recognizes the benefits of advanced planning for the siting of a single or multiple transmission corridor(s) from the offshore wind projects in federal waters across state waters to landside grid interconnection location(s).
Bidder's Conference
MassCEC held an optional bidders’ conference on Dec. 4, 2013 and a copy of the slide presentation can be accessed below.
Responses to procedural questions and issues addressed at the bidders’ conference and submitted in writing are also available below.

For more information, please contact Tyler Studds.

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