CESP: Northampton

The Northampton Community Energy Strategies Program is an initiative developed by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) Green Communities Division. It provides local residents and businesses an opportunity to work with city leaders to identify, assess and enable new energy efficiency, renewable energy and renewable heating and cooling projects and programs to serve the Northampton community.

As part of the program, community members defined their vision for Northampton’s clean energy future and engaged neighbors, policy-makers, and technical experts in a multi-event stakeholder process. This process combined a high-level resource assessment with broad stakeholder involvement in order to identify and enable clean energy technologies, projects and incentives best suited to address Northampton’s needs and interests. Public meetings were held for residents and business owners to provide their input throughout the process.

The result of this collaborative process was the Northampton Clean Energy Roadmap, which can be found below in the Program Documents. The Roadmap is composed of multiple individual strategies; each strategy outlines a set of detailed, actionable steps to implementing a project, program or policy. The Northampton Map Gallery compliments the Northampton Clean Energy Roadmap, providing supporting visuals and detailed information relating to the Roadmap strategies.