Solarize Mass

Solarize Mass seeks to increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity in participating communities through a competitive tiered pricing structure that increases the savings for everyone as more home and business owners sign contracts.

Now in its fourth year, Solarize Mass, a partnership between the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), the Green Communities Division of the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) and cities and towns across the Commonwealth, has led to more than 2,400 residents and business owners signing contracts for small-scale solar electricity systems, while speaking with thousands more about the economic and environmental benefits of solar electricity, energy efficiency and other clean energy technologies.

Communities participating in the 2015 Solarize Mass program include Quincy, Provincetown, and a community partnership of Plainfield, Ashfield and Buckland.

Community(ies) Installer Selected
Quincy SolarFlair
Provincetown Cotuit Solar - E2 Solar - Blue Selenium Solar
Plainfield - Ashfield - Buckland Direct Energy Solar

How it works

The Solarize Mass program looks to increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity systems through a grassroots educational campaign, driven mainly by local volunteers and a tiered pricing structure that increases the savings for everyone as more home and business owners in the community sign up. 

Each participating community selects a designated solar installation company, which offers five tiers of pricing with the savings increasing as more contracts are signed. 

Home and business owners who want to participate can either purchase the solar electricity systems directly or enter into a lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) with the installer if offered. Under a lease or PPA, the installer will own, operate and maintain the system, while the home or business owner agrees to purchase the power generated by the system as a specific rate. 

The 2011, 2012 and 2013 Solarize Mass programs resulted in more than 10,000 individuals expressing interest in pursuing solar electricity. Over 2,400 residents and business owners in the 46 communities signed contracts to install over 16 megawatts of solar electricity. In addition, the number of small-scale solar electricity projects in almost every community doubled as a result of the program.

To learn more about Solarize Mass, including the results of previous rounds of the program, please go to the Solarize Mass Reference Guide page.

Program Documents: 

If you are installing a system under the Solarize Mass program, please see the Program Manual and Participants Agreement for more details. 

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