Solar PV Training and Resource Services RFP

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) is seeking proposals from consultants with expertise in solar photovoltaic (“PV”) systems, the residential-scale real estate market, stakeholder engagement, and training and education.

Through this Request for Proposals, MassCEC expects to hire one or more consultants to provide services including the deployment of a residential solar PV real estate training course, and creation of resources for real estate brokers and appraisers. Separately, MassCEC is seeking a consultant to develop resources for 1-4 unit residential landlords in Massachusetts. Consultant(s) will provide services under two scopes of work, and may submit proposals to provide services for one or both of the scopes:


  1. Solar PV Training Course for Real Estate Broker and Appraisers – Formalize a training course targeted at real estate brokers and appraisers that will increase knowledge of solar PV systems, including operation, ownership models, economics, and impact on home value as part of the residential real estate market. Conduct training courses, and develop associated training resources.
  2. Landlord Resource Preparation for 1-4 unit Residential Rental Properties – Prepare tools and guidance documents to educate 1-4 unit landlords about solar PV systems and clarify different methods for landlords to install solar PV systems on rental properties.


Through these two scopes of work, MassCEC seeks both to increase the real estate market awareness and appropriate marketing and appraisal of residential solar homes, and to reduce barriers and costs for landlords and tenants interested in installing solar onsite.

A full scope of work can be found in the Request for Proposal solicitation, linked below.

Below is the timeline for the RFP process. Please review the RFP webpage linked below for more details and information.

RFP Released

June 8, 2017

Questions Due

June 19, 2017

FAQ posted

June 21, 2017

RFP Proposal Due

June 29, 2017- 11:59 PM EST

Announce Selected Consultant(s)

Early August, 2017


Questions and Answers: 

Q: The RFP indicates the course should be approved through the Massachusetts Board of Registration for Real Estate Brokers for professional continuing education credit. Does MassCEC expect that a course is also developed to provide professional continuing education credit for appraisers? 

A: It is MassCEC’s expectation that both Real Estate Brokers and Appraisers should be eligible for professional continuing education credit upon completion of the course. MassCEC does expect the consultant to apply for and receive appropriate accreditations to provide these credits, potentially including the Board of Real Estate Appraisers.

MassCEC does not have a preference as to if a single course/curriculum is granted approval for all appropriate accreditations or if individual courses are developed. Applicants to the RFP are encouraged to describe their proposed plan to receive accreditation  and the benefits of their proposed curriculum(s). Curriculum(s) should have an online format available.



Proposals must be submitted to by 11:59 pm ET June 29, 2017.

All inquiries related to the RFP should be submitted by email to and must contain "Solar PV Training and Resource Services RFP" in the email subject line.  Questions should be submitted by June 19, 2017, and responses will be posted on the RFP webpage.

Request for Proposals - Solar PV Training and Resource Services