Incentives and Programs

Residents and business owners can benefit from a number of programs aimed at making solar electricity more affordable to install, including state and federal tax credits. Below is a quick breakdown of incentives currently available for installing residential and commercial solar electric systems. More information on incentives for clean energy projects can be found at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE).

Residential Systems

  • Net Metering - Allows customers to receive credits on their utility bill for exess generation in any given month. The credits can then be applied during times when the system is not generating electricity. Net metering credit values depend on a number of factors, including system size. Residents can learn more about net metering from the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

  • Avoided electricity costs - Cost savings from the electricity generated by the solar electric system 

  • Mass Solar Loan - A state-run program connecting homeowners with low-interest loans for solar electric systems, and additional incentives for income qualified customers

  • Solarize Mass - A group-buying program providing discounts for residents in participating communities

  • Mass Solar Connect - A group-buying program providing discounts for members of participating organizations 

Learn more about incentives for residential systems in MassCEC's Residential Guide to Solar Electricity

Commercial Systems

  • Solarize Mass - A group-buying program providing discounts for eligible small businesses in participating communities