Solarize Medway

The Solarize Medway program was active during Solarize Mass 2013 Round 1 and is now closed. As part of the program, residents and businesses in Medway contracted to install 39 solar electricity systems, for a total of 488.60 kW! 

The purpose of the Solarize Mass Medway program was to increase the adoption of small-scale solar electricity systems through a grassroots educational campaign, driven mainly by town volunteers, and a reduced tiered pricing structure that offered increased savings for everyone as more home and business owners in the town signed up. As part of the program Medway selected installer Second Generation Energy through a competitive solicitation process.

For information on current clean energy and environmental initiatives in Medway, please visit the Medway Energy Committee website.

Solarize Mass Resources

Please see the Solarize Mass Results and Resources page for information and results of the Solarize Mass program to date, and additional resources for developing a Solarize campaign. Please for information on current Solarize Mass programs. If you are interested in learning more about the process of going solar, please see and the Finding a Solar Installer page for more information.