Commonwealth Wind Program

MassCEC's Commonwealth Wind (CommWind) Program assists appropriately-sited wind energy development in Massachusetts that can help achieve the Commonwealth's goals for a clean environment and a robust economy.  

CommWind and its predecessor programs have been providing support to electric customers and the wind development community since 2000 and have helped to establish the Commonwealth as a thought leader in the field of appropriate wind energy development. MassCEC’s programmatic approach to appropriate siting for wind projects combines rigorous project analysis with an understanding of the need for careful, open decision making that involves all stakeholders.

Detailed information regarding the Commonwealth Wind Program is available in the Commonwealth Wind Program Manual (PDF).

MassCEC offers communities and developers assistance in:

  • Site Assessments - As the first step in investigating a potential project, a site assessment provides a preliminary evaluation of the potential for wind development on one or more sites. 
  • Feasibility Studies - Following a site assessment, a feasibility study provides an in-depth analysis of the technical, environmental, regulatory and financial aspects of a wind project at a specific site. Eligible activities include wind resource monitoring, feasibility studies, pre-construction acoustic studies, and business planning activities.
  • Development Grants - For projects that have elected to pursue construction, financial assistance is available for projects meeting our requirements.
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