Commonwealth Organics-to-Energy

MassCEC’s Commonwealth Organics-to-Energy program provides funding to educate businesses and communities about organics-to-energy technologies, help communities and businesses evaluate organics-to-energy projects, and support construction of facilities. For basic information on Organics-to-Energy technologies, please visit our About Organics-to-Energy webpage.

To view results from the program, please see Completed Studies

Open funding opportunities are listed under the heading "Commonwealth Organics-to-Energy Program Offerings," below.  

Commonwealth Organics-to-Energy Objectives & Benefits

  • Address public needs regarding the evaluation of or planning for organics-to-energy projects at the local level
  • Expand knowledge about organics-to-energy technologies
  • Increase the diversion of wastes from traditional disposal options
  • Increase clean energy capacity in Massachusetts
  • Create jobs and spur economic activity in Massachusetts

Commonwealth Organics-to-Energy Announcements

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