Production Tracking System

The Production Tracking System (PTS) is a database used by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) to track the production of renewable energy systems that are installed throughout the Commonwealth.  The PTS provides MassCEC with the information necessary to monitor and evaluate the performance of renewable energy systems and the effectiveness of its renewable energy programs.

MassCEC has been designated by the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) as the Independent Third Party Meter Reader for the purpose of providing verification of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) for qualified generators. Therefore, the PTS also provides solar PV system owners a convenient method for earning additional income from their PV systems by verifying and reporting production data to sell in the form of SRECs.

Reporting to the PTS

All renewable energy systems in the Commonwealth are welcome to report data to the PTS, free of charge. This data must be reported during a period starting five days before the end of the month to five days after the beginning of the next month. This data is analyzed on a monthly basis, and system owners with erratic data may be contacted to ensure accurate data was provided and that the system is operating properly. MassCEC reserves the right to conduct on-site audits of any System, for any reason or for no reason, to verify the accuracy of the Data. Any deviations between the Data and observed audited production figures may be investigated, and MassCEC reserves the right to adjust or reconcile the Data in accordance with the results of any audit or investigation.

MassCEC funded systems, or systems that are qualified to sell SRECs, are subject to the following reporting requirements:

Production must be reported from a utility revenue quality meter

Renewable energy projects less than or equal to 10 kW (DC @ STC) may manually or automatically report to the PTS. Projects larger than 10 kW (DC @ STC) are required to report automatically to the PTS.

Important Resources

System Registration

If you would like to register your system and need a user account to report to the PTS, email and include your name and the address of the installation with your request to report. There are three types of PTS accounts:

  • The System Owner account is for individuals or organizations that are an owner of a renewable energy system. The users of this account have read only access to view system information and production data. They cannot edit or enter any information in the PTS.
  • The REC Owner account is for individuals or organizations that are an owner of the renewable energy certificate rights to a renewable energy system. The PTS initially lists the System Owner as the REC Owner. After receipt of a signed contract that transfers REC rights from the System Owner to another individual or organization, MassCEC will change the REC Owner designation in the PTS record. In the case of SREC qualified systems, DOER will provide MassCEC with verified REC Owner information.
  • The System Representative account is for those responsible for entering monthly production data for a renewable energy system. The account allows access to the production reporting section of this site. No other user type has access to this section. For systems using a DAS Service Provider for Automated Reporting to the PTS, the DAS provider will serve as the System Representative.

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