Women in Cleanweb

Chelsea Mattioda, Business Development Fellow

Computer science and technology have the vast potential to modernize problem-solving processes in all sectors, and yet women are consistently underrepresented in both the developer and cleantech communities. The time has come to focus on women in cleanweb.

Megadroughts vs. the Water Revolution

Cayman Somerville, Innovation Fellow

Unique regional climates create the niche conditions for certain species’ habitats. For example, the greater roadrunner is exclusive to the southwestern United States, where it lays its eggs among bushes or cacti and preys upon desert insects, spiders and serpents. Its habitat is just one example of climates under threat from the increasing prevalence of “megadroughts."

Innovative Communities and Massachusetts as a First Customer: The Public-Private Push for Cleantech

Maeghan Lefebvre, Project Administrator

Massachusetts is well-known for its rich tech sector. According to the Mass Technology Leadership Council’s 2014 State of Technology Report, the state’s tech sector directly employs over 200,000 people. The sector is rapidly growing, and the state is increasingly taking notice of the vibrant startup community that has made its home here in the Commonwealth.