A Green World Cup

Large-scale sporting events have never historically been particularly environmentally friendly.

The combination of transportation, increased population, large-scale construction and the pressure of strict deadlines typically means massive energy use, with tons of carbon being released into the air.

Or in the case of the 2014 FIFA World Cup – 2.72 million tons.

Celebrating Patriots' Day with Solarize Lexington and Bedford

Patriots' Day may not carry the same significance around the country, but in Massachusetts, and especially the historic town of Lexington, it's an important time to recognize the events that helped shape our country's future

Last Monday, Lexington celebrated the holiday with enthusiasm including a downtown parade,  battle reenactments, the Liberty Ride and even a road race. 

Fenway Park Goes Green

Williams and Pesky. Pedroia and Ortiz. Moniz and McCarthy?

Though their names might not be as renowned around Yawkey Way, U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Environmental Protection Agency Director Gina McCarthy were at Fenway Park Tuesday night with a purpose as noble as the pursuit of World Series trophy.

Capping an Earth Day blitz of media interviews and public events, they made their pitch - the First Pitch, to be precise - to thousands before the start of the Red Sox-Yankees game, highlighting the work that is already underway to combat climate change, as well as the work left to be done.

The duo used the high profile of the first pitch to highlight the need to act now to prevent further damage from climate change, and bring attention to the Obama Administration's commitment to the issues.