Microgrids Among Winners of $20M in Energy Storage Grants from Massachusetts

Several microgrids are among the more than two dozen winning projects that will share $20 million in energy storage grants announced today by Massachusetts. Reflecting the reality of today’s market, battery technology dominated the winners list, although some projects also employ thermal and flywheel storage. Use of battery storage has increased dramatically in recent years as its costs have fallen.

Baker tries to kickstart energy storage business

THE BAKER ADMINISTRATION on Thursday handed out $20 million in energy storage grants, an attempt to kickstart an industry that holds promise in reducing peak electricity demand and increasing the reliability of intermittent forms of renewable energy such as wind and solar. Most of the projects revolve around storing electricity when it is cheap (off-peak) or readily available (during daylight hours for solar or when the wind is blowing), and then using the stored energy when electricity is expensive (at peak periods) or when renewable energy is not available.

Energy storage projects receive grants

Grants totalling $20 million were recently awarded to 26 projects that will develop the Commonwealth’s energy storage market and deliver benefits to Massachusetts ratepayers and the electrical grid. Recognizing the potential benefits energy storage holds for the Commonwealth, paired with the strength of submitted projects, the administration doubled the available funding from the initial $10 million commitment. The awarded projects will benefit 25 communities and draw in $32 million in matching funds, helping to grow the Commonwealth’s energy storage economy.