Building 36 Technologies: Helping to Grow the Clean Energy Workforce

Lindsay Martinez, Workforce Development Fellow

MassCEC’s Internship Program broke records this summer session, placing 244 interns at 152 companies. The program provides the clean energy community with a talented pool of young professionals, enables students to gain significant career experience in a challenging economic environment and enables clean energy employers to mentor and provide internship opportunities to students across a broad spectrum of backgrounds.

A Different Kind of "Alternative" History

Micaela Allen, Communications Fellow

You don’t have to travel too far into the future to find clean energy alternatives being used in everyday life. In fact, you can even travel to the past.

Historical pasts are meeting sustainable futures at several famous landmarks worldwide, which are now being powered with alternative energy – proving that just because a landmark lives in the past doesn’t mean its energy sources have to.

Women in Cleanweb

Chelsea Mattioda, Business Development Fellow

Computer science and technology have the vast potential to modernize problem-solving processes in all sectors, and yet women are consistently underrepresented in both the developer and cleantech communities. The time has come to focus on women in cleanweb.

Megadroughts vs. the Water Revolution

Cayman Somerville, Innovation Fellow

Unique regional climates create the niche conditions for certain species’ habitats. For example, the greater roadrunner is exclusive to the southwestern United States, where it lays its eggs among bushes or cacti and preys upon desert insects, spiders and serpents. Its habitat is just one example of climates under threat from the increasing prevalence of “megadroughts."