Here Comes the Sun

It may have been raining outside, but the smiles were beaming bright during a recent event at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum as Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Maeve Vallely Bartlett announced the participants in a pair of solar incentive programs - Solarize Mass and Mass Solar Connect.

Provincetown, Quincy, Plainfield, Ashfield and Buckland are joining the 46 communities statewide that have previously participated in Solarize Mass, a joint effort between MassCEC and the Department of Energy Resources to drive the adoption of solar electricity through grassroots education a tiered pricing structure, where the savings increase as more home and business owners in a community sign contracts.

Following on the success of Solarize Mass, MassCEC recently launched Mass Solar Connect, which looks to take the grassroots outreached and group-buying benefits to members of non-profit groups, with Mass Energy selected as the first group partner for the program.

11-24-14 Solarize Mass Announcement

An Underground Solution

Energy and where we get it from has become a major global issue for the modern era, with a growing understanding that fossil fuels are not a permanent solution to the massive and ever-growing demand for energy.

Renewable energy is all about harnessing the energy that surrounds us, such as sunlight or strong breezes, and utilizing it for our own needs.

One of these sources exists right beneath our feet.

Takei Takes on Tech in Boston

These days, technology is progressing at a pace like never before. People today are having a harder time than ever discerning science fiction from, you know, actual science.

George Takei can certainly relate – he’s been going to warp speed since 1966.

While we can’t bend space and time just yet, the city of Boston is playing host to companies developing technologies previously unimagined.

Learning on the Job in Lawrence

One of the more common critiques that we at MassCEC hear over and over again from employers is that students need to be receiving education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at a younger and younger age in order to prepare themselves for jobs in the rapidly expanding clean energy economy.

A Chilly Solution to the Dog Days of Summer

On a hot summer's day, one can't blame an office worker on Boston's waterfront from looking longingly out the Harbor, dreaming of getting out on the water to beat the heat.

But now, imagine using the chilly waters of the Harbor to actually cool those nearby office buildings through the dog days of summer.

The technology is already in use in Toronto, where a company called Enwave has partnered with the city to tap into Lake Ontario to cool municipal offices and other downtown buildings.

Investing in the Future of Massachusetts Cleantech

For the first time in nearly a year, there are some new names in MassCEC's investment portfolio.

We recently made equity investments to support two emerging Massachusetts energy efficiency companies as they market their promising technologies, which can make a big impact on energy consumption.

Both eCurv, of Cambridge, and Powerhouse Dynamics, of Newton, have developed economic solutions that can have a big impact on reducing energy consumption and realizing significant cost savings.

We are excited to help them leverage the opportunities provided by the cleantech ecosystem in Massachusetts to accelerate their growth and commercial success!

Read the full post to find out more about these truly innovative companies.