MassCEC Staff

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Ackerman, Rachel Project Manager, Wind 617-315-9326
Anton, Christen Project Manager, Offshore Wind 617-315-9309
Barad, Amy Program Director, Organics-To-Energy and Hydropower 617-315-9310
Belden, Andrew Senior Director for Renewable Energy Generation 617-315-9321 
Blagdon, George Senior Engineer 617-315-9377
Bolgen, Nils Program Director, Wind 617-315-9311
Braun, Tim

Director, Information Technology

617 315-9318
Brown-Peddy, Shayla Senior Executive Assistant 617-315-9362
Burke, Patricia Project Manager, Innovation & Industry Support 617-315-9320
Cadavieco, Heidi Information Technology Manager 617-315-9314
Chabot, Andrew Program Manager, Workforce Development 617-315-9358 
Colao Wallach, Sarah Chief Operating Officer and Acting General Counsel 617-315-9355
Connolly, Catherine Receptionist 617-315-9346
Daloisio, Jennifer Chief Financial Officer 617-315-9355
Dobbins, Katie Project Administrator, Innovation and Industry Support 617-315-9317
Dobbs, Lisa Project Coordinator, Solar 617-315-9367
Dolan, Gregory Terminal Manager, New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal 617-315-9327
Dove, Gina Executive Assistant 617-315-9337
duPont, Carolyn Investment Associate 617-315-9329
Ernst, Alison Senior Manager of Investments 617-315-9389
Fitzpatrick, Robert Director of Government Affairs 617-315-9352
Flesher, Stephen Mechanical Technician, Wind Technology Testing Center 617-315-9383  
Gilvarg, Craig Media Specialist 617-315-9339
Harvey, Eric Senior Engineer 617-315-9382 
Hawrylak, Sarah Senior Accountant 617-315-9344
Hines, Erica Program Director, Renewable Energy Production 617-315-9302
Howard, Meg Project Manager, Renewable Thermal 617-315-9379
Jacques, Tamika Director of Workforce Development 617-315-9305
Kao, Karen Project Manager, Innovation and Industry Support 617-315-9347
Kessler, Josh Project Manager, Renewable Thermal 617-315-9319
LaVigueur, Brooke Staff Accountant 617-315-9342
Lefebvre, Maeghan Project Manager, Innovation and Industry Support 617-315-9366
Mamedov, Emil Senior Manager of Investments 617-712-1115
McPhee, Peter Program Director, Renewable Thermal 617-315-9343
Montgomery-Hyde, Paul Director of Human Resources and Operations 617-315-9328  
Murphy, Michael Director of Water Innovation 617-315-9360
Nash, Leslie Project Administrator, Renewable Thermal 617-315-9324
Nelson, Galen Senior Director of Innovation and Industry Support 617-315-9375  
Nielson, Annalise  Customer Service and Registration Administrator, Renewable Energy Generation 617-315-9332
Pike, Stephen Chief Executive Officer 617-315-9355  
Plouffe, Emma Human Resources Generalist 617-315-9315
Prigo, Nick Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives 617-765-0565
Quinn, Brendan IT Support Specialist 617-315-9391
Ravi, Kavita Director of Strategic Analysis 617-315-9364
Read, Kelsey Project Manager, Mass Solar Loan 617-315-9301
Rich, Lauren Operations Manager 617-315-9303
Ridlen, Jessica Public Outreach and Marketing Manager 617-315-9376
Rountree, Rachel Controller 617-315-9344
Stern, Anna Project Coordinator, Mass Solar Loan 617-315-9323
Stevenson, Rick Data Quality Analyst 617-315-9392
Studds, Tyler Senior Manager for Renewable Energy Strategy 617-315-9378
Teixeira, Marinna Project Administrator, Innovation and Industry Support 617-315-9316
Thomas, Lornie Senior Technician & Safety Coordinator 617-315-9380
Toth, Tibor Managing Director of Investments 617-315-9345
Trentin, Larry Test Engineer 617-315-9384  
Urella, Alyssa Registration & Production Coordinator 617-315-9350  
Wallace, Patrick Program Manager, Renewable Energy Production 617-315-9365
White, Bill Senior Director for Offshore Wind 617-315-9330  
Williams, Catherine Senior Director for Marketing and Communications 617-315-9386
Yarala, Rahul Executive Director, Wind Technology Testing Center 617-315-9307  
Youngblood, Elizabeth Senior Project Manager, Solar 617-315-9335
Zaltman, Alexandra Associate General Counsel 617-315-9353