Installer Resources - Solarize Massachusetts

As part of the Solarize Massachusetts program, Solarize Mass communities will provide installer request for proposals to the installer industry. Once an installer request for proposals documentation is available, MassCEC will post it to this webpage, as well as a copy of the community marketing plan. Interested installers can sign up for solar program email updates to be notified for when new requests are released.

All resulting solar PV projects contracted by Installers that are selected to participate in a community Solarize Mass program will be required to have meet MassCEC's Solarize Mass Project Minimum Technical Requirements, found below.

Code of Conduct

All installers who participate in the Solarize Mass program are bound by MassCEC's Code of Conduct.


Quality Assurance Process for MassCEC Programs

All installers who participate in the Solarize Mass program should review Quality Assurance Process for MassCEC Programs and Solar PV Inspection Overview.


Active Request for Proposals:

The MassCEC and DOER are seeking proposals from consultants or professionals with significant expertise in residential-scale solar photovoltaic installations in Massachusetts to serve as solar technical consultants for MassCEC's 2017 Solarize Massachusetts program. MassCEC is also seeking solar technical consultants with an expanded scope of services for the Solarize Mass Plus multiple technology pilot program (Solarize Mass Plus). Solarize Mass Plus pairs the Solarize Mass model with an additional technology offering. For more information please review the 2017 Solarize Mass Technical Consultant Request for Proposals.


Active Solarize Mass Installer Request for Proposals:

There are currently no active Installer Request for Proposals. Sign up for our Solar email list to be notified of new Installer Request for Proposals releases and check this page for updates.


    Closed Solarize Mass Installer Request for Proposals:

    All participating communities for the 2016 round of the Solarize Mass program have selected their installers. Please see the Program Background tab for Solarize Mass Results 2011-2016 and all community marketing proposals.