Installer Resources - Air-Source Heat Pumps

MassCEC provides incentives for the installation of air-source heat pump (ASHP) heating systems at residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and public facilities. This page provides resources for ASHP installers (and VRF designers) about the process of applying for residential, small-scale, and commercial-scale awards.

  • residential ASHP project is any project at a single residential unit.
  • small-scale ASHP project has a heating capacity of up to 240,000 BTU/hr or up to 20 single-head units. 
  • commercial-scale ASHP project has a heating capacity over 240,000 BTU/hr or more than 20 single-head units.
  • A variable refrigerant flow (VRF) project is always considered commercial scale for the purposes of MassCEC programs.

Residential and Small-Scale Installer Resources​

Commercial-Scale Designer/Installer Resources 

Code of Conduct

All installers who participate in MassCEC's rebate programs are bound by MassCEC's Code of Conduct

Best Practices

MassCEC’s program requirements are intended to ensure high-quality project designs and installations. We recommend double-checking the following to make sure the system meets program requirements and to minimize the delays associated with these common installation and application errors.

How to Avoid Common Installation Errors:

  • Ensure the outdoor condenser is mounted securely and sits above the snow line.
  • Ensure the outdoor rated wire should not be a Type NM-B cable. NEC Article 334.12(B)(4) prohibits the use of NM cable in wet locations, and Article 300.9 defines the interior of an outdoor raceway as a wet location.
  • Ensure the indoor and outdoor units power wire connection meets Article 110.14 in the MA Amendments of the NEC which states, “Connection by means of wire binding screws or studs and nuts having upturned lugs or equivalent shall be permitted or 10 AWG or smaller solid conductors. Where stranded conductors are terminated on and not looped through such terminals, the terminals shall be identified for such use, or the strands at the terminals shall be made solid.”
  • Ensure the ampacity of the circuit breaker connection follows the ASHP manufacturer's requirements.
  • Ensure that the refrigerant charge is correct based on the line set length and that the line set is purged, pressure tested, and evacuated per the manufacturer's instructions.

How to Avoid Common Application Errors:

  • Ensure that the application has been submitted via email in the Excel file format.
  • Ensure all supplementary documents have been submitted with the Excel application.
  • Ensure all contact information for the installer and applicant is accurate and spelled correctly.
  • Ensure the model number on the invoice matches the application.
  • Confirm with the rebate recipient whether their mailing address differs from the physical address, and fill out the application accordingly.
  • Ensure the project site has had an energy audit in the last four years, or scheduled for the upcoming six months after project completion.
  • Confirm the air-source heat pump will be used consistently throughout the winter to heat the residence.

Contact Us

Feel free to email us at or call 617-315-9357. Please note that review and processing time for submitted applications is typically 2 to 4 weeks and may be longer for commercial-scale systems.