HeatSmart Mass Technical Consultant Request for Proposals

This solicitation is now closed. This page is for reference use only.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) are seeking proposals from one or more consultants or professionals with significant expertise in residential scale clean heating and cooling technology to serve as technical consultants to support the pilot round of the HeatSmart Massachusetts Program.

HeatSmart Mass is a community-based outreach and education program that will encourage clean heating and cooling technologies that include air-source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, central biomass heating, and solar hot water. The pilot aims to help drive down the installation cost and increase deployment of residential and small-scale commercial clean heating and cooling installations through a group purchasing model. HeatSmart Mass is modeled on the highly successful Solarize Massachusetts program, which is now in its seventh year and has served 63 communities and resulted in over 3,200 contracts and 21.6 megawatts of solar photovoltaic projects.

Through this RFP, MassCEC and DOER will select up to six technical consultants to participate in the HeatSmart Massachusetts pilot. The selected technical consultants will be responsible for one or more of the following tasks: providing technical and project management assistance for installer selection, program implementation, and/or comprehensive thermal energy assessments for participating property owners.

Below is the timeline for the RFP process. Please review the RFP documents linked below for more details and information.


RFP Milestone


RFP Released

Monday, July 24, 2017

Questions Due

Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 11:59 PM

FAQ Posted

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 (posted below)

Proposals Due

Friday, September 1, 2017, 11:59 PM


Proposals must be submitted to heatsmartmass@masscec.com by 11:59 pm ET September 1, 2017.

All inquiries related to HeatSmart Mass should be submitted by email to HeatSmartMass@masscec.com and must contain "HeatSmart Massachusetts Pilot RFP–Technical Consultant Question" in the email subject line. 

Request for Proposals

Attachment A: Signature and Acceptance Form

Attachment B: Template Technical Consultant Contract

Note: More information about the community RFP and application process is available here.

Questions & Answers

Are there any limitations on types of content that can be developed under Task 2A, e.g. social media, infographic, video, etc.?

  • There are no limits of the types of content that can be developed under Task 2A in terms of the format (e.g. social media, infographic, video), and MassCEC welcomes innovative ideas for outreach. However, all marketing and outreach materials will be developed based on the needs of MassCEC and the selected Communities, and with the approval of MassCEC.

For Task 2A, what is MassCEC’s expectations for the selected Technical Consultant to communicate and coordinate with individual utilities that are a part of Mass Save? To what extent will the selected Technical Consultant be requested to coordinate their marketing and outreach with Home Energy Assessment program marketing vendors?

  • MassCEC and DOER plan to reach out to the relevant Mass Save Program Administrators for the selected Communities to discuss with them that the HeatSmart Mass pilot program will be promoting Home Energy Assessments in those Communities. MassCEC would expect the selected Technical Consultant to coordinate marketing and outreach efforts to the extent that the Program Administrators were interested in coordinating and to the extent that coordination is feasible within the time-limited nature of the HeatSmart Mass pilot program.

Are there any existing educational materials that can be reviewed?

For Task 2C (Trainings and Guidance Documents), what is the duration for requested trainings? Are there any follow-up engagement activities required after the trainings have been completed?           

  • The trainings anticipated under Task 2C must be requested by the selected Communities and approved by MassCEC. As such the duration may vary based on the needs of the selected Communities. At this time MassCEC does not anticipate follow-up engagement after the trainings have been completed so plans for this do not need to be included in the proposal. Below are approximate estimates for the trainings are anticipated under Task 2C:
    • Volunteer training: 3-4 hours
    • Training for permitting departments: 1-3 hour
    • Training for building inspectors: 1-3 hour

For Task 2D (Market Analysis), will MassCEC assist the selected Technical Consultant in gathering available information from utilities or Mass Save on consumption for this analysis? Will MassCEC vet availability of town assessor data prior to confirming selected towns? What expectations does MassCEC have if the town assessor’s office is unable to provide data for analysis to a third party?  

  • MassCEC expects that the Municipal Representative will assist with obtaining assessor data if possible, and for the proposal it would be reasonable to assume that assessor data could be available to the selected Technical Consultant for the selected Communities. At this point, MassCEC is not assuming that the utilities would be able to make any data available for this effort. There may be other sources of publicly or commercially available data that could also assist with market analysis. MassCEC understands that the data available for market analysis may vary for different municipalities, and therefore the content of the market analysis may need to be adjusted from the proposal based on the individual situation of the selected Communities.

Will MassCEC provide the selected Technical Consultant with community organizer contact information to set up “Meet the Installer” events?

  • Yes, MassCEC will provide the selected Technical Consultant with contact information for the HeatSmart Coaches and Municipal Representatives from the selected Communities in order to coordinate “Meet the Installer” events, as well as other activities such as bi-weekly phone calls.

For Scope 3 (enhanced thermal energy assessments), would the enhanced thermal energy assessment also be a Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment? Would Mass Save® pay for a portion of the audit?

  • The enhanced audit would include the components of a Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment.  In their budgets, applicants should provide pricing for the entire enhanced audit, and may also provide pricing based on an assumption that Mass Save pays for the components that are part of a Mass Save audit.   

What training would an auditor need to have to carry out the enhanced thermal energy assessments?

  • The auditor must be eligible to conduct Mass Save® Home Energy Assessments. Beyond that, MassCEC is looking for Applicants to propose what level of training would be necessary to do these enhanced thermal energy assessments.

Could you provide more detail about the scope of the enhanced thermal energy assessments outlined in Scope 3?

  • At this time MassCEC does not have anything to add to the language of the Request for Proposals. We would emphasize this language from the RFP: "Based on their expertise, Applicants may also suggest modifications to the Tasks below or propose additional Tasks to achieve the goal of providing homeowners with comprehensive, objective, and transparent information about various HVAC and hot water technology options regardless of the home’s current heating or hot water fuel."