Heat Pumps are hot!

With heat pumps (also called mini-splits), you double up on savings and double down on comfort by getting heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer

Heat pumps move heat into the home in the winter, and pull heat out of the home in the summer.

Why Heat Pumps?

Here are some reasons why over 14,000 homeowners in Massachusetts have chosen heat pumps to heat and cool their homes:

  • "We wanted to save on our energy bills"
  • "Our home had hot and cold spots"
  • "We wanted more control over the temperature in certain rooms"
  • "I didn't have ductwork but wanted air conditioning"
  • "We had an old furnace and wanted better technology"
  • "I wanted to lower my carbon footprint"
  • "We were tired of carrying and storing heavy window air conditioners"

Success Stories

Explore Incentives

Save when choosing energy efficient cold climate heat pumps:

It Makes Sense

MassCEC encourages residents to choose clean heating and cooling technologies like mini-splits because they have a dramatic environmental benefit while saving you money and offering improved comfort.